Think Like A Tree Workshop from Best Selling Amazon Author

Think Like A Tree Workshop from Best Selling Amazon Author

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Think like a tree

 Unlock nature’s secrets to health, wellbeing and living a good life

 Have you ever stood in a forest and marvelled at how healthy, resilient, and long-lasting the magnificent trees are? That’s no accident – millions of years of evolution have laid the foundations, and all living things share common principles that make them successful. People, by contrast, have been around a mere 100,000 years and, in our current way of life, just a few decades. No wonder we have a thing or two to learn from our giant cousins. Like how slow and small solutions make us more likely to achieve our goals; how bending with the wind rather than fighting our fears and anxieties makes us more resilient; and how planning time to rest and pause, like those giant oaks do each winter, allows us to make best use of the energy and passions that we have.


In this interactive workshop we will explore some of the natural principles, and look at how they can be incorporated in a design framework that can help us take control of our lives, our health and our wellbeing. And to ensure that we are being ‘good ancestors’ to future generations of people and to the other living beings that we share our planet with. Like you, every tree in a woodland is unique, so this process allows you to find your own way, guided by natural wisdom...

Workshop leader Sarah Spencer is founder of Think like a Tree and author of Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life. She is passionate about woodlands and all things natural. She holds a Diploma in Permaculture Design and realised that the same natural principles she observed whilst designing landscapes could apply to her own life. Sarah lives with a chronic illness, and in 2015 she was confined to bed, so she turned to the natural principles to design her way to better health. Her journey has now lead her to share her learning to help others achieve their potential, cope with life’s ups and downs, stresses and crises, health and emotional health issues, in a very real and practical way through courses, workshops and books.