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Fire Walk

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Starting a new journey and finding the courage to step out into the unknown can be hard. Having the ability to do just that helps springboard you towards greater self-reliance. Taking risks moves you toward where you want to be... whether it's selling your cosy home to 'risk it' in a van, giving up a 'decent job' to go self-employed, or simply picking nettles for lunch... Risk taking is something we usually avoid at the risk of our own stagnation.  

Join Burning Woman Olivia Beardsmore who will inspire you to walk forward with confidence into the unknown, to embrace uncertainty and to feel exhilarated at having made that leap of faith in your own abilities. New to the show for your Saturday night entertainment is fire walking, not just a daring activity but a fantastic metaphor for the show. Dare you leave the comfort of the cool grass and walk forwards on hot coals. Find out at 7.30pm - 9.30 ish Saturday 1st May 2021 at The Off-Grid Survival Show
Olivia has an unbridled, single-minded enthusiasm for work, for fun … for life! Beneath this positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion to do everything within her power to unleash the power of others. 

Olivia Beardsmore is an Internationally qualified, empowerment and fire walking instructor. She trained with the founder of the international firewalking movement, Tolly Burkan and Master Fire Walking Instructor, Kevin Axtell at The Firewalking Center in California. Olivia continued her training with Firewalking UK, with Master Fire Walking Instructors Steve Consalvez and Barry Collins. 

Olivia has extensive experience running events and festivals, fundraising events, corporate training, motivational speaking and empowerment workshops. Those she works with learn to identify, grasp and develop their true potential by applying revolutionary, transformational and ground-breaking techniques to connect with themselves on a much deeper level.

Here is a link to my business website